What is a Recovery College

What is Northumberland Recovery College?

The College is co-ordinated by Mental Health Concern, but is a collaboration of partners who want to make it easy for everyone to access learning and activities that promote wellbeing and good mental health. We don’t have a building as we want to bring courses and activities into people’s neighbourhoods.

Who is the Recovery College for?

The college is open to any adult living in Northumberland who wants to improve their own wellbeing and/or the health and wellbeing of someone they care for or support.

We focus on learning, building people’s skills and knowledge and activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing. Some may be based around getting physically fit and some are just to help you find really fun things to do.  We don’t provide therapy or clinical interventions.

Our sessions are run by a wide range of people. Some have been designed and are run by people with experience of mental health conditions and professionals who work with them,  some are run by groups, organisations or individuals working in the community and some are offered by volunteers who want to share their passion for a hobby or interest with others.

The College is based on the principles of hope, control and personal responsibility. We believe that it is possible to regain a meaningful life, despite having a mental or physical health-limiting illness or disability.

What do we mean by Recovery?

Recovery means different things for different people and there is no single definition.

Recovery does not always refer to the process of complete recovery from a mental or physical health condition. It is about recovering a life worth living and regaining those things that may have been lost due to mental or physical illness and/or disability. These would include social confidence, purpose and meaning and life opportunities through to education and employment.

Where is the college?

The college isn’t a building, the college is the people involved, the students and the supporters. Some activities and courses are accessed on-line and available across Northumberland, other activities are arranged to meet the specific needs of students in that locality and will take place in local community resources. We currently have 5 branches of the college but this may increase as the college grows. The branches are

  • North Northumberland
  • Tynedale
  • Cramlington, Bedlington and Seaton Valley
  • Castle Morpeth
  • Blyth and Ashington

Each branch is run by a collaborative of students and supporters, using their local knowledge to put on a programme of learning and activities for people living in that area.

To find out more, ask us any questions or enrol at the college, please send us an email or use our contact form.

What’s on

We host a range of physical and virtual events across Northumberland

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