Christine Smith

Mind and Sole

Mind and Sole is a group that has been set up to help people living with a Mental Health illness. With peer to peer support, We are encouraging people to...

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Shelley Farnham

All On-Board Families

I work as SEN support in mainstream education and I am the parent of a neurodivergent teen. I searched for many years to find a course or some kind of...

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Yin/Yang Yoga with Meditation

Emma has studied in India, Greece, Sri Lanka and the UK. After discovering the positive impact yoga had on her own physical and mental health she began teaching to help...

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Eddie Martin

College Co-ordinator

Building Resilience

It gets talked about a lot but do you know what people mean by emotional resilience? It sounds as if it is a good thing to have but how can...

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Juliane Baker

Peer Project Support Worker

Juliane’s Active Surgery

I’m Juliane, Peer Project Support Worker for Recovery College, Calderdale. I began to exercise when I was suffering with Anxiety and Depression. Exercising literally saved my life, it gave me...

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