All On-Board Families

Shelley Farnham

The All On-Board Families Course aims to support the parents of neurodivergent children and teens, to better understand their young person’s brain and so their emotions and responses. It focuses on building understanding, communication and connection in these families.

The course takes place as live, interactive, online workshops in a group of 10, over 5 weeks. There is also a Q&A session each week. The course uses the analogy of the family as the crew of a boat, working their way from difficulties and struggles to better communication and greater harmony.

We explore executive functions, sensory processing, co-regulation and self-care among many other things and parents get access to downloadable resources- games, art activities, posters, etc. to use at home, to help their young person learn about their own brain, feelings and actions. In this way the parents gain confidence in their skills and also in their ability to advocate for their child or teen outside the home. Young people gain more self-awareness and begin to be able to advocate for themselves as well. Communication and connection, within the family and outside of it, is strengthened.

The course is founded in the latest neuroscience but is presented in an accessible and very family-friendly way. It is suitable for parents of children and teens, as the information and resources are equally applicable to all.

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