November Club Spittal Event – Walk in Your Shoes/Doorstep Theatre

15 Aug 2021

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Seafield Park, Spittal

November Club, together with Spittal Improvement Trust bring an afternoon of entertainment at Seafield Park in Spittal on Sunday 15 August. This is the final day of their Walk in Your Shoes / Doorstep Theatre project, and will be a real celebration.

You can sign up to walk from Barn at Beal to Spittal, where the walkers will arrive at approximately 3pm. Or you can drop into Seafield Park at anytime during the day and enjoy:

2pm Alex Renton

2.30pm Doorstep Theatre

3.10pm Ian Petrie & Inspired!

3.50pm Doorstep Theatre

4.25pm Crown of Feathers

5pm Event ends

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