Sally Allan Fund Presentation

05 Nov 2021

10:30 am - 11:30 am

Cramlington Hub, Dudley Court, Manor Walks, NE23 6QW

Sally Allan was a special, but ordinary wife, mum, granny, sister and friend, who took her own life on Boxing Day 2015 due to mental health issues she had masked from everyone for some time. The Sally Allan Fund was developed to help reduce stigma and raise awareness of mental health problems to create better mental health in the North East.

The 1 hour Sally Allan Fund mental health presentation will:
• give people the knowledge about common mental health problems so that they feel more self-assured in identifying them in others and starting a conversation about them.
• provide information so that individuals feel more confident and empowered to speak up about their experiences and to ask for the advice, support and treatment that they need.
• help participants to recognise the importance of self-care for the prevention of mental health problems and relapse prevention.

See this leaflet for more information about the Sally Allan Fund