Emma’s Story

I created little pigeon characters I had based off of my moods and began to create illustrations with them... I also began to use the pigeons as a way to help me remember self care affirmations and advice, which has since become my regular series “Crumbs of Wisdom”, uploaded to my website and social media every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Claire’s Story

We are enjoying getting out onto the beautiful beaches and exploring the countryside, and we are all thrilled to be living so close to the real life 'Hogwarts'!

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Beth’s Story

From my own personal life I was aware of the changing conversation surrounding mental health and the decrease of stigma linked to discussing it, but I also knew that many of the people who suffer with complex mental health were often not included in these conversations and that their voices needed to be heard.

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Chrissy’s Story: Mind and Sole & Mind Dippers

I was first diagnosed with low self-esteem and paranoia at the age of 35, before this I had struggled with all kinds of feels? Trying to understand why I felt...

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