Information for volunteers

We welcome volunteers to work with us and are proud of the work they do supporting our aims. We treat volunteers as part of the team and see them as equal partners in the running of the College.

There are many opportunities for volunteering within the college. This could be running a course in an area you are already skilled in, acting as a buddy to someone who needs a bit more support to get involved, helping out at an activity or doing promotional work for us. Perhaps you have been grateful for the support in your own recovery and want to be there for other people who are beginning their own journey.

If you have an idea you want to bring to us or want to find out about available volunteer roles, please get in touch with us either by phone or email and we will arrange an appointment with you. We will discuss the role you wish to undertake, your skill set and any training you may need to do.

Once you are ready to volunteer you will need to apply for a volunteer application pack.

As part of this process you will need a DBS check and two references. We will support you with the process of volunteering and with the application pack so don’t worry about filling out forms, we will help and check it with you.

We will expect you to do some training each year and will offer you some development opportunities.

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